Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to Food Quality

    • Defining and identifying quality

    • Overview of food quality

    • Food : Quality, Law and Standards

    • Notes on overview and law and standards

    • Food : Quality and hazards

  • 2

    Quality Control

    • Note for basic construction of control charts

    • Basic construction of control charts

    • Understanding quality control and its differences from quality assurance

    • Basic control chart interpretation

    • Basic quality control procedures

    • Samples of quality tools from students' assignment

  • 3

    Quality Assurance

    • Understanding QA note

    • Understanding Quality Assurance

    • Principles of internal auditing

  • 4

    Quality Management

    • Quality policy

    • Quality objectives

    • Understanding interested parties

    • Understanding risks and opportunities

    • Process and its components

    • Special topic - improvement

    • Special topic - corrective action system

    • Notes on improvement and corrective action system

    • Samples of quality management planning by students

  • 5

    Bonus chapter - samples of assignment instructions

    • Sample of group assignment instruction

    • Sample of individual assignment instruction


Professor Dato' Dr Ts

Azhar Easa

Professor Azhar has been teaching food sciences for the last 27 years. His main research interest is "sustainability-led functional food". He is also actively engaged as a consultant to various industries that manufacture functional foods and beverages.


Hey future quality manager!

If you are pursuing a career in food quality, you need a solid understanding of the concept of quality and some exposure to quality control, quality assurance and quality management of food.