Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction to food science and technology

    • Welcome to the course

    • Dimensions of food sciences

  • 2

    Food technologist job functions

    • Food technologist job functions

  • 3

    History of the food industry and food crime

    • Brief history of the food industry

    • Introduction to food crime

  • 4

    Basic Nutrition

    • Discovery of vitamin A

    • Discovery of vitamin B1

    • Discovery of vitamin C

    • Simplified history of vitamin note

    • Overview of nutrients and nutrition

    • Notes on nutrition overview

    • Understanding the digestive process

    • note on digestive process

    • Maintaining a balanced diet

    • Note on maintaining a balanced diet

  • 5

    Test your understandings

    • Overall test to test your knowledge and understanding on food science, nutrition and industry

  • 6

    Food components

    • Water - part 1

    • Water - part 2

    • Carbohydrate - part 1

    • Carbohydrate - part 2

    • Protein - part 1

    • Protein - part 2

    • Protein functionality case study

    • Fat - part 1

    • Fat - part 2

  • 7

    Test your understandings on food components

    • Test your understanding on food components

  • 8

    Bonus chapter

    • Final message on future prospects

    • pdf Bahasa Melayu Panduan Pengiklanan Makanan MOH


Azhar Easa

Professor Azhar has been teaching food sciences for the last 25 years. His main research interest is "sustainability-led functional food". He is also actively engaged as a consultant to various industries that manufacture functional foods and beverages.

Get to know the basic sciences of the food you eat!

Food science deals with interactions and behavior of food components, whilst nutrition deals with how the body uses foods after we eat them. Join the class, and satisfy your curiosity!!!

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Norlia Mahror

The videos are very interesting and help us to understand the content better.

The videos are very interesting and help us to understand the content better.

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