Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Meet the instructor

    • Free ebook on "Nutrition for dieters" to be used as your note

  • 2

    Overview of nutrition and nutrients

    • Overview of nutrition and nutrients

  • 3

    Digestive system

    • Digestive process - how it works

  • 4

    Maintaining a balanced diet

    • Maintaining a balanced diet

  • 5

    Calories and energy

    • Calorie and energy expenditure

    • Hormones and energy expenditure

    • Daily calorie allowance and BMI

  • 6

    Water as nutrient

    • Introduction to hydration

  • 7

    Weight control strategy

    • Watch your calorie

    • Final lesson - weight control strategy

  • 8

    Test your understanding

    • Test your understanding of the course. You must pass all. Good luck!


Professor Azhar Easa

Professor Dato' Dr Ts

Azhar Easa

Professor Azhar has been teaching food sciences for the last 27 years. His main research interest is "sustainability-led functional food". He is also actively engaged as a consultant to various industries that manufacture functional foods and beverages.

Eat well, lose weight

You want to succeed in losing weight. However, you are often not well-informed of the proper nutrition and strategy. Now is your chance to learn and master the knowledge of eating right and strategize for long-term weight control.