Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the course

    • Free ebook on "Nutrition for dieters" to be used as your note

  • 2

    Overview of nutrition and nutrients

    • Overview of nutrition and nutrients

  • 3

    Digestive system

    • Digestive process - how it works

  • 4

    Maintaining a balanced diet

    • Maintaining a balanced diet

  • 5

    Calories and energy

    • Calorie and energy expenditure

    • Hormones and energy expenditure

    • Daily calorie allowance and BMI

  • 6

    Water as nutrient

    • Introduction to hydration

  • 7

    Test your understanding

    • Test your understanding of the course. You must pass all. Good luck!

  • 8

    Weight control strategy

    • Watch your calorie

    • Final lesson - weight control strategy


Professor Azhar Easa

Azhar Easa

Professor Azhar has been teaching food sciences for the last 25 years. His main research interest is "sustainability-led functional food". He is also actively engaged as a consultant to various industries that manufacture functional foods and beverages.

Eat well, lose weight

You want to succeed in losing weight. However, you are often not well-informed of the proper nutrition and strategy. Now is your chance to learn and master the knowledge of eating right and strategize for long-term weight control.